Simboryo, The Historical Taguig Cemetery

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I would like to share what I’ve discovered in one of the Cemetery here in Taguig City when I attended 1 week of Cultural Heritage Training together with National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Philippines

One of the Cultural Heritage of Taguig or should I say one of the places that people from Barangay Tuktukan will be surely proud of is that they have Cementerio De Globo or Tuktukan Cemetery Chapel. This Cemetery is a Public Cemetery. Based on my references this is called Simboryo because it’s a lying centerpiece of dead people. Simboryo was erected by 200 Filipino labor or Polistas and forced labor every month and supervised by Spanish Friars in the year 1700. It is now 318 years old.
This Cemetery is one of the landmarks of Taguig City and one of the Cultural Heritage of Taguig that we need to preserve. It is owned by Archdiocesan Shrine of St. Anne but the address is under Tuktukan Taguig City. Before, the address of this Cemetery was called Bangkay Street and now it’s Bagong Calzada Tuktukan. The dome of Simboryo was made of adobe stone and walls bonded by lime, egg white, and clay. But some portions of the structures were renovated.

The original features of Simboryo were maintained by St. Anne Church under the City Government of Taguig. It is surrounded by tombs and trees. There is a falling staircase and ringed by an elegant Balustrade. At the top of the main door, there is a snake which they said that it symbolizes death and at the top of the dome there is a cross. There are also 11 steps of stairs, in the Spanish era in their beliefs oro, plata, mata it was fall in plata which means silver. When you enter inside the Simboryo you will see an altar which has three Images. The Simboryo serves as the Chapel for the final blessing of the departed ones.

During Marcos administration, the cemetery was closed from the public because of the excavation project like golds and other treasures. In 1963, there was a flood at the cemetery that causes fish across the cemetery and ate fresh cadavers and that’s the reason why the Simboryo was also called Bangkay street.

Will you believe that there is an underground tunnel which serves as scape way or hideouts of soldiers and inhabitants? And like what I’ve mentioned in my story in St. Anne there is a tunnel that was connected to Simboryo. This underground tunnel in Simborio is connected to the Altar of the Church which is said to be the Priests passage going to the Cemetery or Simboryo.

There are a lot of stories with the Cemetery. We interviewed some of the residences who live near the Simboryo they said that there is a supernatural experience in Simboryo like seeing ghosts, a white lady even tikbalang. They also said that some Governors, Parish Priest, and even Alcalde Mayors was the first buried at the Cemetery. One of them is Alcalde Mayor Jose Pagtakhan .

Aside from this place, there are still a lot of historical places or a story that can be linked in Tuktukan Taguig.

Hope you can share yours. 🙂

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About the Author 30 years old, a single mom and daughter of Jose Luis Osorio Llorente Jr. and Melody Jose Salazar. I am the great-granddaughter of Ka Marina known as Nanay Marina. She was Nanay of all because of her generous heart. And I am proudly living in Barangay Hagonoy Taguig City! You can find me here Facebook

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