The Story Behind The Amazing Barangay Napindan…

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HI! This is Iyah Llorente, sharing the story behind the Amazing Barangay of Napindan. 🙂

The Word Napindan

If you are a long time resident of Napindan you have something to be proud of because you are living in a barangay that is so rich in cultural heritage and on this post, we’ll show you why barangay Napindan is such an amazing barangay.

Do you know the story behind the name NAPINDAN? Based on our source Barangay Captain Virgilio Dela Paz and Mr. Amado Labao Jr that from the book of Mr. Moises Cruz. There is a story behind “Napindan”. In times of antiquity, the area was occupied by the Datus and Sultan. One of the Datu has a son and unfortunately, his son was killed by bandits and they said it was exposed to the sun in Tagalog pinindan or napindang that’s why it was called Napindan.

Napindan Back Then

In the year 1950’s Barangay Napindan was bamboo grove. It has a not too big river where there is a lot of bamboos. Mr. Amado said when he was a kid he throw a stone in the river then he will hear the sound of a bamboo where the stone was hit but now if he will throw a stone to a river he cannot hear any bamboo that was hit by the stone. He also said that the river was eaten by Pasig River or it was covered by Pasig River that’s why bamboos are not there already.

According to Barangay Captain Virgilio Dela Paz in the year 1940s, they said that whoever runs fast you will own the ground. He also witnessed that land is the common gift for birthdays, baptismal and other occasions in the past years.

People back then were so lucky because you can own vast lands then and it’s so easy to own, at present time you will need at least 150,000 pesos to own a small piece of land and barangay Napindan is headed to become the top barangay of Taguig City with its strategic location along the C6 road.

If you will notice Barangay Napindan has a logo of a carabao because they said that the common manner of living is farming and their Saint Isidro is a farmer that’s why they choose the carabao to signifies their entire Barangay Napindan.

Barangay Napindan in the 1950s doesn’t have a road, it was muddy they need to ride a boat for them to go to other area and they will walk to the ricefield for you to be able to go to Ibayo, Sukol, and Katwiran. And you know that there’s a rumor that Barangay Napindan has springs and creek they said it’s daan manunuso .

This spring said to be in the boundary of Ibayo and Napindan, blk5 katwiran area because many times that was covered by cement and still its flooded even its not raining. They said that it is a root which is reciprocal of Mt. Makiling.
I passed that road so many times and it is and it’s still one of the hardest roads to pass going out of Napindan and heading towards Ibayo Tipas, maybe the myth is true after all, that there is indeed a spring beneath that road.

One interesting thing to know is that the inhabitants of Barangay Napindan are legitimate Tagalog? In all barangay of Taguig City they said that Barangay Napindan is the one who has pure tagalog no wonder every time I visited barangay Napindan they spoke deep tagalog dialect. They also said that when a man is courting a woman they do it by serenading, sometimes it’s household chores like cutting wood and fetching water. Their culture is farming and fishing, The school was just an embankment or what they called pilapil and they also have Tipas Napindan Island. People of Barangay Napindan were kind and generous.

Their main road,Labao street is very narrow but people living here do not quarrel at all but instead, they give way to each other they fully understand the situation and they easily adapt to the situation.

Before the Napindan River is really clean and clear. They just get water from the river to drink. And they said in the root of waterlily you can get a shrimp. Common fish that they can get in their river are silver perch (ayungin) goby (biya), climbing perch (martiniko). catfish (kanduli) and shrimp. Tipas Area 1 fishermen pull their boat in Barangay Napindan.

One of the oldest writers is from Barangay Napindan, he is Mr. Moises Cruz. He wrote the story about Barangay Napindan and former Senate President Eulogio Amang Rodriguez was also from Barangay Napindan.

Barangay Napindans delicacies are puto, sinukmani and suman sa gata. Their all-time favorite cooking of the fish are ginataan and sinigang sa miso.

Imagine the history that Barangay Napindan has, A small Barangay but full of heritage.

And their Barangay is so lucky because one of the landmarks of Taguig City is in their Barangay.
Please follow the Taguig Community for the history of their Parola.

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About the Author 30 years old, a single mom and daughter of Jose Luis Osorio Llorente Jr. and Melody Jose Salazar. I am the great-granddaughter of Ka Marina known as Nanay Marina. She was Nanay of all because of her generous heart. And I am proudly living in Barangay Hagonoy Taguig City! You can find me here Facebook

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