We Are launching Our Taguig City Online Forum

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We are re-launching our Taguig online forum Taguig Community the time is right,the momentum is there.

We would like to thank our pioneers and our early members for posting intelligent discussion both on our Facebook Group and on our official forum since day one..

I am not exaggerating when I say Taguig city is indeed an all in one City, best destinations, best attractions best historical places, intelligent people, when they say they are looking for a good city to visit in the Philippines, or they want to compare or find a good city, they only need to visit Taguig City to find the right answer.

Why An Online Forum

The Internet is a very powerful tool it has everything you need and more.
Want to know everything there is to know about your country? Wikipedia.
Want to connect with friends? Jump on one of the many social networks and be chatting with them instantly.
Want to video call your relative on the other side of the world? Skype.

Nothing can beat a stand-alone online forum for a well organized and well-archived discussions
Of course, you can set up one on Facebook but there are too many disadvantages
One, you cannot create a category or board to housed one topic.
The moderator of a Facebook group cannot keep up with so many member posting and some good post are immediately buried by incoming topics, it’s total chaos
One of my Facebook moderators takes a whole day just to count member’s number of post.
It’s very draining on his part
And on top of that Playing by Facebook’s rules, which can be changed at any time, am I right or not?

The second reason is added functionalities, One of the best things about Small Machine Forum (SMF) script is that you can add a lot of functionalities they are called package manager, be it on how member post or how the forum function, there are over 200 package manager that you can employ to make the forum looks good and very easy to use for members.
Small Machine Forum (SMF) script is very well suited for discussion you just have to be a member of a forum that uses this script for you to find out how good it really is.

Our Online forum is on SMF (small machine forum) script I pick or choose this script
and opted for a stand-alone online forum for the simple reason that I want all discussions well organized, where even a topic that is week months or even a year old will show up and can still generate a reply.
One example is one of my posts on a blogging online forum that is 7 years old, back when I was a newbie blogger still generate a lot of replies still one of my source of information about blogging.
That’s because Google indexed it well in the search engine hierarchy.

Goal And Roadmap

So many great things are happening in Taguig and this is the city that continues to develop in terms of Infrastructure and leadership, gone are the days when all you can see are vast lands of water Lilly now we have so many new roads, the well-established establishment continues to flourish on every barangay.

Taguig City online forum goal and this website as well as to record all the events that are happening in Taguig City, to showcase Taguigenos views and knowledge on various topics, we have added a lot of topics like Internet, technology, and politics.

The forum is open to add more topics and categories if requested by members of our forum we are looking add as many categories and topics to Taguig City online forum and make it as one of the source of information that are Taguig City related, we are also accepting new members who are not currently living in Taguig but once lived in Taguig or who has relatives in Taguig that can contribute to various topics in our forum

Added Bonus

As an added bonus to all our active Taguig City online forum members we have set up a random draw contest for all our active members every week we are going to pick one winner of 700 pesos this will be done by an online random name picker Random Name Picker
Our Global moderator will also pick the best poster of the week to win 500 pesos

We have already done this in our facebook group but our Taguig City online forum members truly deserve the price because of the kind of opinion our members are giving compare to our facebook where some members are posting short redundant post.

We are also in the process of launching our Taguig City online forum library it’s going to be one of the best online libraries that you are going to find online we’ve covered everything from blogging, internet marketing character improvement and website development and it’s only available Taguig City online forum members who reach a Senior member status.

We are looking forward to also set up our advertising that will target the city of Taguig City works are in progress right now hopefully we can deliver it at the best possible time.

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